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Security Surveillance Services

Boss Security have an intelligent and highly-skilled team of the most sophisticated and experienced undercover operatives available.

We provide highly intelligent covert surveillance team to meet even the most exacting needs in passive and hostile environments 24 hours a day!Using the latest advanced surveillance equipment and techniques, each project is skillfully planned to the smallest detail. Information is gathered in a structured and professional manner that will result in successful legal action where required. Boss Security provides specialist surveillance services to a wide variety of local authorities, businesses and private clientele with many different requirements and objectives.

Boss Security Surveillance services are used for a variety of tasks including:

  • Theft prevention from within your workforce
  • ASBO evidence gathering (Anti Social Behaviour Orders)
  • Corporate investigations
  • Benefit and insurance frauds
  • Legal investigations
  • Prevention of commercial theft or industrial espionage
  • Monitoring of individuals or interest groups that pose a potential threat to you or your organisation
  • Night vision surveillance

We have the most advanced surveillance services available!

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